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Climate Change Debate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Climate Change Debate - Essay Example Debating on the natural and human actions which affect the climate of a particular region it can be inferred that natural actions takes resort of all the above mentioned factors while as regards to human activities the climatic changes are rendered through the generation of atmospheric and topographic changes. Another set of natural factors which also govern the climatic changes though in an internal way are alterations in the oceanic and atmospheric conditions which in turn emit a lot of energy into the outer atmosphere causing climatic changes. Owing to the intricate relationship of the variables involved the event of climatic change takes a debating turn as to the nature factors viz. human and natural. [1] Causes of Climate Change: The climatic changes in the modern periods have become the potential contributor to the event of global warming. The heating up of the climatic temperatures by the turn of the twentieth century are attributed to a number of natural factors. Many natural events like the happening of the El Nino factor, which has its emergence with the change in the oceanic currents, happen to affect the external atmosphere. Similarly the topography of the earth is also affected by events like volcanic activity and earthquakes, which also result considerable heat and energy to the earth’s atmosphere causing changes in climatic temperatures. The atmosphere of the earth also gets directly affected owing to changes in the flow of radiations emanating from the solar surface, which is also accountable for climatic changes. Further the huge amount of volcanic eruptions on the earth’s surface emits an abundance of harmful gases and chemicals along with heavy dust and ashes into the atmosphere. Some of the gases emitted directly affect the Ozone layer of the atmosphere, which henceforth becomes responsible for climatic changes. Like the host of natural factors mentioned above which contribute to the event of climate change and rising temperatu res the planet’s climatic system is also affected by various manmade activities. The human beings on the earth’s surface from time immemorial have contributed to the burning down of trees and other fossilized energy sources like petrol, which also emit lot of harmful gases and other substances into the atmosphere. Thus both natural and human factors are responsible for the environmental degradation and change in climatic temperatures. Further research conducted shows that the growth of human activities related to the burning of fossil fuels and the spread of the industrialization along with several scientific experiments have caused a great impact in altering the climatic conditions of the summer and winter seasons. It is found that owing to the growth of anthropogenic activities the days of the winter season have been considerably reduced while the summer days have got extended. The incidence of such factors has reduced the effect of the winter season while on the con trary the summer season has obtained a further impetus. Again the effect of the growth of manmade activities have led to such climatic changes that some regions are experiencing more amount of heat waves while other regions are getting considerably colder. The gaseous emissions from both the volcanic eruptions on the earth’s surface and as well as from large nature of human activities are also studied to affect changes in the oceanic temperatures causing it get much cooler than earlier. [2]; [3] Further studies conducted on the manmade factors which render an impact on the climatic temperat

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